Smoked Turkey Wings


Smoked turkey wings are seasoned and smoked to perfection and are ready for your enjoyment! Throw them in your gumbos, beans, or soup!

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Smoked Turkey Wings

Smoked Turkey Wings

Smoked turkey wings taste amazing in just about anything! Around here we cook them down with onions and bell peppers and serve over rice for one flavorful dish! They also are great in a gumbo, soups, and beans. These smoked turkey wings are cut perfectly to be used in any dish. We season each wing by hand with our special smoked meat seasoning and we smoked them the same way as all of our smoked meats. These turkey wings are very tasty cooked in any dish. They have a rich turkey flavor that is pure and smokey! You must try these smoked turkey wings with some smoked turkey necks in a gumbo, you can't go wrong!

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