Kary’s Roux Gumbo Mix

Don't have time to cut onions or stir the roux?? Use Kary's Roux Gumbo Mix!! It is very delicious, quick and easy! Kary's Roux Gumbo Mix!

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Kary's Gumbo MIx





We bought Kary's Roux Gumbo Mix as part of a kit. However, we decided to use this Roux as more of a seafood Gumbo. We added 1.5 lbs. of shrimp. 1 can of Crab meat and 1 can of baby clams. We cut up half the smoked sausage that cane with the kit and 1 can of drained corn. We followed the instructions adding the shrimp and the clams towards the end of the cook. It turned out wonderful! My wife and I a helping and decided we would save the rest for the lunch the next day. An hour later she was dishing out some freshly made rice and we ended up eating the entire batch. This is a wonderful, flavorful roux and I am definitely ordering more. We highly recommend Kary's Roux Gumbo Mix.

J_Indy - Brownsburg, IN
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