Smoked Slab Bacon 1#


Choice cut skin on slab bacon, hand selected to become smoked slab bacon! This smoked meat is very very delicious. Give it a shot, you cannot go wrong. Use it in beans, peas, collard greens, mustard greens or just fry it up for breakfast!

Contains: pork, salt, red pepper, curing salt.


Approx. 1 pound

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Smoked Slab Bacon 1#

Smoked slab bacon from Teet's Food Store is perfect for you pot of beans, greens and more! This is not your store bought bacon, this is the real deal! We season the bacon with our great smoked meat seasoning, then smoke it to perfection. Once we take it out of the smokehouse our bacon is ready to be cooked. It is the best compliment to beans, smothered cabbage, breakfast, or sandwiches! 1 pound pack.

Teet's Smoked Slab Bacon is the best bacon made in Louisiana.

Forget the store brand bacon, get the real bacon here at Teet's. Contains: pork belly, salt, red pepper, curing salt. NO MSG!

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