Camellia Navy Peas

Camellia Navy Peas, a.k.a. White Peas, are great with sliced jalapenos, onions, and peppers. Use them with any of our smoked meats and you will never eat these peas any other way.

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Camellia Navy Peas

Camellia Navy Peas are better than anything you will get in a can! Buy some Camellia Navy Peas today! Camellia Navy Peas are also known as White Peas. They are also used in Boston Baked Beans.

Enjoy some Camellia Navy Peas with some smoked sausage from Teet's Food Store.

Camellia Brand Navy (Pea) Beans are white and hold their oval shape even when fully cooked to tenderness. When it comes to Southern-style or Boston baked beans – they are The Bean. The tangy Worcestershire and sweet brown sugar are the perfect complements to this firm, mild tasting legume. Or add them to soups and stews of any flavor or cuisine. Navy Beans are easily interchangeable with Camellia Brand Great Northern Beans. - Camellia Brand Beans website

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