Camellia Blackeye Peas

There is nothing better than smoked slab bacon and blackeye peas. Throw any of our smoked meats in with your peas or beans and enjoy the greatness of Camellia Brand Beans and our smoked meats!

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Camellia Blackeye Peas

Camellia Blackeye Peas are the best blackeye peas you can find anywhere in the world. Use Camellia Blackeye peas with smoked slab bacon, smoked turkey necks, smoked sausage and more!

Camellia Blackeye Peas

"Blackeye peas are medium-sized, beige beans (in the field pea family) with black markings and a distinctive, delicate flavor all their own. While very popular in American Southern and soul food dishes, they are also consumed in India, Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America." - Camellia website

  • Native of Africa
  • Blackeye Peas are thought of as a good luck charm in the American South

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