Marinated Beef

Looking to make the perfect rice and gravy for your next family gathering? Here at Teet's Food Store we found a way to make your next beef gravy the best rice and gravy ever! Marinated beef is often cooked with onions and rice, but you can use it in soups and more!

Marinated beef is seasoned with salt, red pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. NO MSG.

Approx. 2 pound

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Marinated Beef

Marinated Beef

Marinated beef is made with the finest cuts of boneless beef shoulder. We season it with our specialty meats seasoning which contains, salt, red pepper, paprika, and garlic powder (NO MSG). Then we marinate it for 2 days with our special marinade. This marinated beef is bursting with great flavors that will fill your kitchen with the best aromas that will make anyone hungry.

Best uses:

  • Brown slowly in a pot with onions, bell peppers, and our smoked pure pork sausage or smoked jalapeno pork sausage.
  • Do not wash marinade off of the meat, let it cook down with your onions to make a great tasting gravy.
  • Serve with rice or pasta!
  • Boil it down in a soup
  • Cook with other meats like marinated pork.

You cannot go wrong with any of these ideas. We will be adding more recipes in the coming weeks. If you have any questions feel free to ask us! Approx. 2 pound

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