Marinated Rabbit

Looking for a delicious meal? Here at Teet's Food Store, we've marinated a delicious rabbit just for you. All you need to do is drop it in the pot, brown it, and make a gravy. Heck, throw in a little bit of smoked sausage or smoked tasso, and enjoy! Try our marinated rabbit today!

Weighs approx. 2 pounds

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Marinated Rabbit

Marinated Rabbit

Try our award winning marinated rabbit today! Farm raised rabbit that is cut just right and marinated just for you. The rabbit holds it flavor while we add great spices into the mix. Cook the rabbit in the oven or cook it stove top with onions and bell peppers. It makes a delicious gravy.

Cook with:

  • Stove top and serve with rice
  • Bake and serve on rice
  • Cook with marinated chicken or marinated pork and add smoked sausage into the mix!

Each rabbit weighs approx. 2 pounds

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