Smoked Pure Pork Sausage


Our delicious, mouthwatering Smoked Pure Pork Sausage, bursting with flavor, is ready for your grill, gumbo, or sauce! Our pure pork sausage is seasoned mildly. This is a true Cajun food product that cannot be duplicated anywhere! THE must have food product from Cajun Country!

Contains: pork, salt, red pepper, curing salt.


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Smoked Pure Pork Sausage

The best smoked pork sausage is here. Teet's Smoked Pure Pork Sausage is the real deal; it is the best smoked sausage in Southern Louisiana. Teet's takes pride in their sausage, it is the number one seller among all of the varieties of sausage they make. This sausage tastes great in everything you put it in. By far this sausage is the best sausage ever made. No MSG and gluten free. Packed in 1, 2, and 5 pound packs.

Teet's has the best Smoked Pure Pork Sausage in Louisiana.

Use Teet's Smoked Sausage in any dish you desire:

  • Poboys
  • Sauce Piquants
  • Rice and Gravy
  • Gumbo
  • Pastas

Smoked Pure pork sausage recipe:

Smoked Sausage Recipe Contains: pork, salt, red pepper, curing salt. NO MSG!

Smoked Pure Pork Sausage - Reviews

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Very good! Teet’s sausage is smoked  just enough and seasoned well. It’s great in gumbo especially when also using the smoked boned in Tasso. 

Lucy - Louisiana
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